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Who We Are

Arkansas Boathouse Club (ABC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to growing the sport of rowing as well as other water sports in the State of Arkansas.

Monies generated through equipment storage and rentals provide recreational, wellness, and fitness services to individuals, and create scholarship opportunities for Arkansas youth. 


What We Do

Currently, in partnership with the City of Little Rock ABC currently provides both a venue and equipment to central Arkansas' only competitive rowing teams, Rock City Rowing and the UALR Club Rowing Team

Arkansas Boathouse Club is now happy to also be partnering with Rock Town River Outfitters to provide Kayak and SUP rentals for the Two Rivers area. 

We strive to grow and support additional teams, paddle sports, and schools through equipment rentals, scholarships, and regatta opportunities. 


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Arkansas Boathouse Club

Two Rivers Park Bridge, Little Rock, AR 72212

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