crew testimonials

I’ve always loved being on the water, but was thinking that rowing a scull was for young people and that I was too old at 50 to start such an elite sport. Then a friend, who I took barre classes with, told me that she was rowing and that I would certainly love it. So I gave it a try and she was right. 

To my surprise, it’s not a physical challenge, it’s a technical one. At the beginning I felt like a 5 year old learning to read. But with the help of Ted, who is an incredible coach, and a bit of patience, it came. It’s very rewarding and it’s never dangerous. Even if one day you flip, it’s a slow motion movement. You arrive smoothly in the water and there’s no current at Two Rivers Park. Coach Ted is seeing everything, the good as much as the bad. He’s incredible. 

I love the connection with the boat, with the water. I found my happy place. Also, it’s an incredible cross training specially for riding. It made me so much stronger on my bike. And by the way, I lost 2 sizes since I started rowing.


My 12 year old daughter started rowing a year ago. I rowed competitively in college and had loved the experience very much, but I thought the technical aspect of the sport would be too frustrating for my young daughter to learn.  

I figured she could try it, but I never thought a child her age would have the capacity to learn the sport and the determination to stick with it.

To my delight, with the charisma and patience of Coach Ted, Alice picked up the mechanics of rowing pretty quickly and now absolutely loves her time on the water. Coach Ted not only can teach a young person to row in a few sessions, but has an easy-going approach that makes the experience fun and enjoyable for the kids, even those that are nervous to try.

As a parent, I relish the impact this unique sport has on her character: the focus and attention required to learn a technical sport, the way the quiet time in nature nourishes her soul, the way that caring for the equipment teaches kids to step in and help without being asked. For these reasons I am so pleased that my daughter is a part of this program.


I have been rowing for over 20 years.  For me, rowing is a physical and spiritual

experience.  I am getting some excellent exercise in one of the most beautiful places in Arkansas, Two River's Park.  I love being on the water surrounded by the trees, birds, sky, clouds, and water.  I even like the occasional train that comes by.  Every day on the water is a new experience.  You never know what awaits you when you get in that rowing shell and head away from the dock.  

I love the cooperative and friendly attitude of the members of the adult rowing team. We are like a family who all pitch in to help each other take our boats to the water, bring them back to the boathouse, clean them, and put them back on the racks.  It is also a joy to help others become better rowers.  Some team members are interested in rowing for recreation and exercise, while others are interested in competing in regattas.   We are all supportive of each other.  

Coach Ted Riedeburg is an outstanding teacher and motivator.  He tailors his teaching to the skill of the rower and always encourages excellence in rowing.  

I have greatly improved my rowing skills under his coaching.  

I encourage anyone who loves the outdoors and exercise to give rowing a try.  


I fell in love with rowing during my first lesson. Physically, rowing takes coordination, strength and endurance, but it also demands mental concentration. When I am out on the water, time passes so quickly. 

Rock City Rowing gives me the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Arkansas River, develop new friendships and challenge myself to get better each time I hit the water.


Never thought I could do it, but with lots of practice and wonderful coaching, it’s now the best part of my week. It gives you time to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the water but then when you want it, your competitive side can come through…  you get to set the tone with the support of your team.


I am in my sixties and picked up rowing last year at the urging of a friend. It seems harder to learn a new skill now, but with Coach’s help and the support of my teammates I am making progress and enjoy each time we go out on the water. Rowing is a wonderful total body sport and when we can not row outside we use the indoor rowing machines at the Little Rock Athletic Club. While in these days of Covid19, it is also a great social distancing sport and we are always close to nature and wildlife.


I joined Rock City Rowing the same year I had two knee surgeries. I was in need of a sport that didn’t wreak havoc on my knees. I immediately fell in love with rowing. The challenge, the community, and the beauty of the Little Maumelle River. 

I look forward to evenings out on the water; it’s a feeling that can’t be explained. I encourage all, who are looking for a new challenge or hobby, to consider rowing. It not only changed the way I workout, but the way I do life.