Our crew holds regular morning and afternoon practices at our boathouse at River Mountain Road. 

The Little Rock Athletic Club's indoor facilities are a fantastic addition to our crew experience. During winter months and inclement weather, our crew hones their skills on the Concept2 ergometer.

We have space to store rowing shells, kayaks, and SUP boards. Storage space is first come, first served. 

Rock Town River Outfitters offers kayak, SUP, and bike rentals by appointment. Guided tours available by request.


  • Rowing Shells-start at $50 per month or $500 annually
  • Kayaks-start at $25 per month or a yearly fee of $250 
  • SUP-start at $15 per month or a yearly fee of $150

If you are interested in storing your boat with us, 

e-mail arkansasboathouse@gmail.com